NFC & Beacon Products

Various Tags, Readers, Beacons, associated hardware can be purchased on-line at or by calling us directly at (905) 829•8900.

Want to know how these products work with your marketing, packaging or promotion? Contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


Data C.M.S

A control panel with all the accessibility you'll require to manage your NFC touch points.

Use our on-line CMS for populating your tags and directing urls, links, contesting, couponing, fundraising or wherever else your creativity can take you!

Our CMS allows you to check and utilize data generated by tag use, re-purpose tags in promotions, and even identify where products and services are utilized - in real time.

Bulk load the above activities to hundreds or potentially thousands of action points which you direct!


A.R. Coming 2019

Augmented Reality

One of our newest capabilities will allow you to layer products and locations along with pertinent product data and make it available to the consumer on their smartphone or tablets.

Real time product data can be included within an APP and allow customer interactivity.

Product info, location, contesting, couponing... you decide the mix.

The sky is the limit - only limited by the customer experience you want to offer!

Let's do this!

Need more information? Want to see how we can make the iOT and NFC work for you in targeted print and web based solutions?